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Remote access is an international practice followed by organizations for maintaining servers and other critical equipment. The process is completely secure and can be used by any individual without any apprehensions. PC Guru client have an advantage of getting instant support with computer related issues based on Remote Access Technology application. As long as member’s computer is connected to the Internet, we at PC Guru can resolve their issues remotely from our location while member enjoys the comfort of home. With the development in information technology most of the computer problems can be solved remotely without the need for a personal visit by a technician. Remote support eliminates the time PC user spends waiting for a technician to arrive at the location. PC Guru members not only get support instantly but also get support 18 hours a day (from 6 am to 12 mid-night) and 7 days a week.


Remote PC repair or Remote Computer Repair is a method for troubleshooting software related problems via remote desktop connections. Technicians use software that allows the technician to access the user's desktop securely via the Internet. With the user's permission, the technician can take charge of the user's system, transfer various diagnostic and repair applications to the user's desktop, run scans, install antivirus programs, etc.


Common repairs available to PC Guru customers via online computer support are virus and spyware removal, computer optimization, registry repair, device driver issues, Web related issues, slow & hanging computer, and windows security updates etc.


Security with Remote Support

Security and privacy of data during remote desktop sessions is very critical. PC Guru has  implemented advanced security methods to offer stable and secure remote access sessions. To ensure data security for members PC Guru has established strict process protocols.


At PC Guru client’s security is our prime concern. We use secured remote access platform to diagnose and drill down your PC problems. Repair session starts with your permission and once your PC is repaired, we logout from your PC permanently. For remotely accessing and fixing the problems an internet connection is a basic requirement. Once the internet is connected, user can ask engineer to remotely access his/her computer. The link is forwarded by remote engineer over Internet to the user. After user clicks on OK/Yes button, a link is established between the two systems. All the computer repair services online are performed after obtaining clients permission only. Once permitted the engineer can access client’s system and do the necessary system maintenance work. Throughout the session the member can see all the activities being performed by the engineer. The entire activity is recorded and can be viewed later for quality monitoring or audit purposes.


The agents are responsible for completing the task in shortest possible time as they are evaluated on time taken to resolve the problem. Therefore their effort is to quickly fix the problems reported  by the user and logout of the system as quickly as possible. Besides the agents are under constant supervision of supervisor who keeps an eye on their activities.


Some of the other security measures used at PC Guru are :

  • Hybrid encryption algorithm (AES+RSA): We uses hybrid encryption algorithm for data transfer. It combines AES and RSA, widely used not only for data encoding but in operations with digital signatures
  • Encryption of all transmitted data : Data communication during a remote desktop session is held in secure encrypted form.
  • User authentication: Every user is issued a unique customer id which member has to use to log in and stare remote support session


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