Twitter Brings Its New Quote Tweet View To Android And The Web

Twitter made it simpler to view quotation tweets on iOS on May 12th, which new functionality is currently available on Twitter for Android and to the internet the business declared today.

Should you click or tap the”Retweets” sentence on a tweet, you will be taken to some other webpage which allows you view one of 2 columns: a column revealing retweets with remarks and a column revealing all retweets without remarks.

The feature in the most recent of many that Twitter has rolled out to make it more easy to follow and monitor conversations on the stage. One which I am a specific lover of is the interface for threaded discussions, which can be readily available to a iOS and net users. And only yesterday, Twitter started testing a way to allow users limit answers to tweets, which might assist in preventing harassment and abuse on the stage but does possess some thorny consequences for politicians’ tweets along with the dispersing of misleading or bogus details.

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