Twitter Test Lets Users Limit Who Can Reply To Their Tweets

Twitter is currently testing the attribute which will enable users to set limits on who will respond for their tweets.

The shift, which was previewed before this year at CES, is rolling out today to a small proportion of consumers across the world, the business said.

The As Twitter has been analyzing quite a few new features intended to enhance discussions on its own stage Upgrade comes, but is among its most competitive steps up to now.

Users may restrict answers to everybody they Follow or just those. Then no one could answer if nobody else is cited in the tweet. Irrespective of a tweet’s permission preferences, other users will still have the ability to enjoy tweets from the dialog and quotation tweet, but just people”invited” could respond.

The The company has stated enhance and the feature is meant to prevent harassment Discussions, but the attribute could prove contentious Especially if public figures, users start limiting their responses. However, So it Twitter, It is all a test for today Users will not even encounter the attribute for today.

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